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Newsletter #2

DECOY Ersamus+ Projet


A Guide for Female Migrant Entrepreneurs

The first intellectual output of the Erasmus+ project Developping Entreneurial Capabilities of Young Women (DECOY) is a guide for potential first- and second-generation immigrant women affected by socio-economic exclusion to provide them with opportunities for entrepreneurial empowerment.

This task was coordinated by the French partner the Cercle Augustin d’Hippone (CAH) between 1st April 2023 to 15 March 2024.

This guide is conceived as:

    1. A methodological resource integrating theoretical information and exercises concerning the development of soft and hard entrepreneurial skills,
    2. A practical reference providing youth migrant females interested in establishing and scaling up their own businesses with concrete guidance and orientation in the paramount dimensions which determine the successful establishment and development of a start-up business.

The production of this guide was completed based on research based on a survey
administered to a sample of young migrant women in each of the five project partners’
countries, and in a collaborative way between these partners who are:

    • Samband sveitarfélaga á Suðurnesjum, Iceland (The project coordinator)
    • Igor Vitale International srl, Italy
    • Fthia in action ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ ΔΡΑΣΗΣ ΚΑΙ ΕΘΕΛΟΝΤΙΣΜΟΥ, Greece
    • Cercle Augustin d’Hippone, France
    • Antalya Toplumsal Gelişim Derneği, Turkey

Summary of steps of realization of the guide

STEP 1: Research led by Cercle Augustin d’Hippone (FR) with the cooperation of Fthia in Action (GR) – 1st to 30 April 2023

STEP2: Collection of the results of the surveys conducted in each of the partner countries, drafting of a summary to provide the structure of the guide in 6 chapters that were distributed among the partners for the drafting of the first project – 30 April to 30 May 2023

STEP3: Cooperative Review and Draft Finalization: Format the document in a single contribution and send the final version to all partners for translation. Each partner was share the Draft Guide with 10 national stakeholders – 1st to 30 June 2023

STEP4: The testing of this second version of the Guide by organizing virtual mobility at the local level. Each partner organised a workshop to present the Guide in their own language to a dozen young migrant women and asked them to read the guide and answer an evaluation questionnaire – 15 December 2023 to 15 January 2024

STEP5: Analysis of the evaluation results, final adjustments to the guide before its publication on the project website, see below – 15 February to 15 March 2024

Download the guide in English and in all available translations

Guide Structure & Summaries

Chapter 1. Product / Service

This chapter includes an overview of products and services best suited to the situation of migrant women in Europe. It not totally based on the results of the survey in which questions about a range of products and services were submitted to the respondents. It is is extended to products and services expressed in questions about their competences and hobbies and also from a literature search.

Chapter 2. Design

This chapter answers the question: How to create a business and turn the original idea into a successful reality? This include the choice of services and/or products, the definition of the business model, etc. and the drafting of the business plan. It also gives answers and advices to young migrant women to overcome their difficulties. As examples, how to overcome language barriers? How to solve administrative problems? And how to react to discrimination?

Chapter 3. Market Analysis/Marketing

Market research is a crucial step in business creation, which is why half of this chapter is devoted to it. Similarly, another half is devoted to Marketing which is very important for the success of the future startup.

Chapter 4. Customer Service, ICT

This chapter starts with ITC and describes the computer role and its applications such, Office Suite (Word processing, Excel, etc.), website, the Online shop, etc.

Chapter 5. Human Resources Management / Legislation

The Human Resources Management part is limited and address only a few basic elements because migrant women in general will be the only actress in the future startup.

The legislation part gives some references to national legislation. It also address facilities for dealing with discrimination, policies for supporting migrant entrepreneurship and policies for supporting women entrepreneurship.

Chapter 6. Strategies in developing Community Projects to empower young female migrants in establishment and development of a start-up business

The chapter presents first the main Social networks as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, …, and explain their role in the success of a company. And secondly, introduces the notion of community management and give a strategy to develop a community around a project or a company.

Virtual workshops for DECOY Guide evaluation by a sample of young migrant females in each partner country


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